Becca Benz – Competition Entry!

We’ll have to apologize to Becca, this set came in at the start of the summer but slipped through the crack (no, not that crack – get your mind out of the sewer!). We’ve just relocated and are happy to be able to bring it to you on this lovely Saturday afternoon.

If you’re not following Becca on Twitter … then why not?  Get her at @MissBeccaBenz

She also has a very awesome new site at which she posts regularly.

Now without further ado … Becca Benz in her lime green ‘Grooby Girls’ shirt.

GG Tank 20GG Tank 11GG Tank 12GG Tank 13GG Tank 14GG Tank 15GG Tank 16GG Tank 17GG Tank 18GG Tank 19GG-tank-1GG-Tank-10GG-Tank-9GG-Tank-8GG-Tank-7GG-Tank-6GG-Tank-5GG-Tank-4GG-Tank-3GG-Tank-2GG-tank-1GG-Tank-6GG-Tank-5GG-Tank-4GG-Tank-3

One thought on “Becca Benz – Competition Entry!”

  1. Wishing her and others nothing but the best, as well as having the pleasure of meeting her thru twitter, I find her both relaxing as well as a refreshing breath of air. Not to exclude tscaramel or Cara B.

    I’ve not smiled like this in a very long time, as well as the compassion n mindset is a nice thing as well:)

    Wishing her and others nothing but the best as are all most deserving

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