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Summer Competition Entry: Jenn

Jenn lives in Austin, Texas where the weather is as hot as she is.  A gurl since high school, Jenn lives for the attention she gets from men, fellow gurls and women alike.  Being seen on Grooby is a huge thrill for her, since it exposes her charms to all of our fantastic viewers.  Posing for the site, or in private, makes her feel sexy, sensual and feminine… something she strives to be all the time.  “Life as a gurl is simply grand!” says Jenn.  You can see more of her at or check out her videos and hundreds of photos on under her profile name jenn1.  Let’s thank Jenn for helping “Keep Austin Weird”!


Competition: Summer of Grooby Girls 2015

It’s competition time again- and to celebrate our brand new summer limited edition tank tops, we’re going to see how good you look outside wearing a one.


What: Between now and Sept 1st.  take selfie’s or have your friends take photos of you outside- at the beach, shopping, in public or in the privacy of your own outdoor space. You will need to submit a minimum of 8 photos. The following prizes will be awarded by our pick after Sept 1st. Images can be as explicit or as tame as you like but points may be given on creativity and special shots.

First Prize: $200 Amazon Voucher

Two Runners Up of $50 Amazon vouchers.

All entrants who get published will be put on the list for a free shirt on our next release.

SPECIAL PRIZE: $100 Amazon voucher to the best display of public nudity or flashing while wearing the shirt.

How: Submit your photos, name, any details you want to share with the public, links to Twitter, Facebook, personal sites, etc. to with subject line “Summer Grooby Competition”.